5th October 2017

SUNREF Turkey Project’s second Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) visit has occured in İstanbul Leather OIZ on October 27, 2017, introducing Halkbank and Agence Française de Développement (AFD) credit facility. The OIZ visit aimed at promoting and presenting the eligibility criteria of the project, as well as raising awareness of industrial companies on green investments and environmental regulation. The event gathered over 300 participants from 10 different OIZ around the Leather OIZ and managements and industries of those OIZs. Green investment possibilities for different sectors are shared with the participants. The presentations included the promotion of SUNREF Turkey, benefits of the program and eligible projects for green credit line, and information about the green credit line. The technical assistance team plans approximately 20 OIZ visits to be conducted during next two years to present SUNREF Turkey and advice prospective sponsors on project viability, financial gains and customized support.